Friday, August 14, 2009

Author's Note

This is the last note I'm gonna write for a while. Because I hate notes.

But thanks, guys, for not hating me. Originally, I never intended for all this drama to happen. But then I started writing, and it just came out. Once Noelle punched Lynne, that set into motion a lot of things, regardless of what I had planned. This story is taking me on a ride just as much as it is taking you.

Anyway, I'm thinking of changing the title from "Meant to Be" to "Nothing Worth Winning." I came up with the first title, if you couldn't tell, from the song that kind of inspired the idea. But I'm really leaning toward the new title, and just wanted some input. You guys are a big part of the story now, so you might as well get a say, no? I'd appreciate your thoughts. Also, take it as a heads up if you check back and "Meant to Be" is no more.

Also, @heleneli96--since you're French Canadian, and the only French speaker I know, would you be willing to help me out? I have a few lines of dialogue I'd like to have in French, and using an online translator kills me because I know it won't be accurate (I'm a stickler for accuracy when I can manage it). Please let me know if you're interested, and we'll find a way to get in contact.

Ha, the posts you guys really care about will continue tonight: same Sid time, same Sid channel!


  1. WAT why are you even thinkin about changing the tittle is there something that is going to go so wrong between Sid and Nelly that you have to change the tittle to "Nothing Worth Winning" i dont want anything to drastic to screw this story up. i dont want to be tooo harsh but come on dont mess up something this fantastic please dont i love these things they make my day bearable soo im beggin you dont make something thats fabulous into something thats not and i cant wait to read more of your storries

  2. No no no. Please calm down. I got the new title from the saying "Nothing worth winning ever came easy," which has shown up numerous times in the story. I think that nothing has come easy for Sid and Noelle. It's just a more poetic and lyrical title.

    I'm not saying they have nothing, to mean this was a waste of time. I came up with the original title when I was forced to and couldn't think of anything better. It's just so... obvious.

  3. I like the idea. and since it was such an integral part of the Pens season and stuff...
    Besides, it's true in any relationship right? I mean, nothing worth winning ever does come easy* It wouldn't give us such fulfillment if it did*

  4. I agree with Rebel... Nothing Worth Winning makes a lot of sense to the story. Change it. :)

  5. Jay, it will be my pleasure to help you out. I'm happy to contribute, your story is just amazing. So how do we get in contact?

    And about the title, i think the new one would fit perfectly with the plot. :)