Thursday, September 17, 2009

Author's Note: Closure

I debated on whether or not to say what I'm about to say. I feel like letting the ending speak for itself, but I feel bad to those of you reluctant to see the story end.

So, you can read it or not read it:

This story for me always had a distinct beginning, middle, and end. This has always been the outcome in my head, from day one. I'm not saying this is some masterpiece with incredible literary value, but it has themes and motifs which must to come to fruition. To continue it is to ruin it.

Maybe you only like this story just because it's about Sidney. That's cool. But there are plenty of really good Sid stories out there. Or maybe you like it because I post frequently. Or maybe you truly enjoy the story, and if that's the case, then you know that it had to end here even if you feel disappointed and gypped, because yes, it must end.

So, whatever your reason may have been for sticking with me through this, thank you for loving these characters and this story as much as I do. Thank you to my very first followers, and thank you to those who came on toward the end. Hell, thanks to anyone who stumbles upon this blip on the web many days from now and reads the entire thing. I feel like I've established a personal relationship with each of you, our conversations involving my story and your comments. You mean the world to me. Especially my Blogger Girls--you are all incredible.

I've lived with these characters day-in and day-out for months now. I'm going to miss them terribly, but I need to say goodbye to them. I can see their future, and maybe someday, one day, I'll share that with you, too. But for now, it's time to move on.

While NWW is ending, I'm not dying and nor am I giving up writing. Check out the stories in the sidebar; maybe you'll like them, too, even though they're not about Noelle and Sidney. Paper Perfect is slowly but surely spreading its wings and taking flight. It's quite different from NWW and still in its infant stages, but I hope it'll be just as good and something else to be proud of.

If you still want something to read after tonight, check out the blogs I follow. There are some pretty good stories there.

So, don't hate me. I've heard your riotous outcry to carry on the story, but I can't. I still appreciate your devotion. And as cruel and heartless as it may sound, I like that you're upset it's over. It means you're invested in this. I am, too. And they say if you love something, you set it free. So please enjoy it for it's worth. Besides, I'm happy it's ending on eighty-seven. I can't think of a more perfect way to say goodbye.


  1. I can't speak for everyone on here. But I loved it. From beginning to end. And I understand it has to end. I just don't want it too... It's like when you read a book series and it ends, and ends well.. but you still want to know what happens to the characters afterwards.

    So in short, Jay. Thank you for letting us into your crazy world with Noelle and Sid and the rest of the crew.

    I enjoyed reading it, I'm sure others have as well. And I'm sure like me. We'll miss them as well. :)

    Like any good story, it always hurts just a little to see it end.

  2. I'm sort of in a pickle right now. On the one hand, I absolutely adore your writing style and love this story because of that very talented style. On the other hand, I am a little bit worried now how this story is going to end. Even though it's unrealistic, I'm a sucker who likes happy endings in stories, always. Just last week I was reading a book on the train that did not end that way and wound up crying on the train while people looked at me like I was crazy. In short, while I had always hoped that this story would end happily with both characters, I acknowledge that maybe it can't end that way (as much as it saddens me). So I don't know what you will write for the final chapter. I will probably cry my eyes out either way because I love reading this every night.

    I don't know what to say because I kind of feel like someone just died. I'm happy that you are continuing a different story though.

  3. First of all, thank you for sharing this story with us. I've loved every minute of it. I'm sad that it's ending but I understand why you have to end it. You are a very talented writer and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed this story more than another book that I have ever read.

    I'm not really sure if I'm going to read the rest of the story. I'm kind of scared of how it's going to turn out... It kind of like the movie Atonement. You so badly want the characters to live happily ever after...

    Thank you again for sharing this with us. I've been having a pretty shitty few months so it's been nice to always have something to look forward to at the end of the day.


  4. Even though i will be sad to let this story go i know it has to end.i think im just like Tille and i will cry my eyes out tonight.This is an amazing story and i wouldn't want it to end end any other way(well im sure the ending will be amazing anyway)so thank you for the amazing story and allowing me to come home every day and relax with your story.I just want to thank you for updating every day and you are an amazing writer. Again you are the best!!!

  5. Ah I'm excited to read the end! I can't wait to see what happens! Jay, I say it in almost every post. You're an amazing writer, so good I feel like I should have to pay to read this haha! But thank you for posting your talents on the web for all to see and enjoy! Okay-- on to the end!

  6. Hi there,

    This is my first time posting but I've been following your story for a while. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I really looked forward to your daily updates! I'm sad its ending but looking forward to reading your new story! :)