Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Note About Training Camp

An unknown fact about hockey players is they can skate kinda fast. /sarcasm

I went to training camp and took hundreds of pictures. (I wish I was exaggerating about that number. It's not an estimation; it's a fact.) Some of them didn't turn out well because they're moving and not posing, so forgive the quality. Half the time I was too in awe to be there that I forgot to take pictures.

I had a lot of trouble picking out the best pictures; ergo, I'm posting a lot. But this is only a fraction of them, and there are so many players I'm leaving out for the sake of not overloading the site.

First of all: hockey stretches. I know we all love them:

Sometimes, you just cannot take good pictures, no matter how hard you try:

And some players just make taking pictures SO easy on the photographer:

If training camp is any indication, looks like Kennedy's getting moved to the 2nd line (in Talbot's place) with Tenk and Malkin:

And this picture just turned out kinda cool, so I thought I'd include it:

Disco Dan!

Coach and Harvard:

The first line:

Bad Ass Billy G, after taking what is now referred to as The Guerin Wipe-Out:

Lovejoy, my heart. I thought I'd never get a good a picture of him until:

Didn't get a lot of Fleury, since he wasn't at my end of the rink for too long:


Gotta show some love for the D:

And of course, what would a Sidney story be without pictures of the man himself?


  1. i went there too! it was so much fun, Maxime was at my end signing autographs for some people and he heard me yelling his name hahha and being the only one yelling he waved to me. and oh do you know the only puck that flew over the net ? yeah i caught that. hahhaha:)

  2. Thanks for the pics!! I wanted to go, but we ended up not able.
    Was everyone in one spot or were there no fans there?? This rink looks empty! I would have thought first day Sunday, it would have been packed!! Thanks again

  3. Thank you, Jay! You're a lucky girl to live over there. But on the 21st, I have tickets for the game at Bell Center in Montreal against the HABS... I can't wait, I'll take pictures and share it with you :)

  4. Hahaha! I love having friends in Pittsburgh! Awesome pic's Jay. I'll try and get some when they're in Edmonton in January and post them,

  5. Thanks so much for posting your pics...and I am glad that you appreciate the stretching as much as I do :) When I went to the US Men's Hockey Olympic Training Camp, I took lots of stretching pics.

    Yay for TK...hope he gets that second line job but only until our Max is back!

  6. aahh awesome pics!!
    cassandra: were you sitting in the front on the left side? becuase when he was done signing, i saw him wave over there! hhah nice job! i love him :]

    and here's my pics if anyone wants to see:

  7. Awa, Jay, you little lucky!! These pictures are beyond amazing!!

    These are the times I wish I lived in Pittsburgh =p

    Thanks for sharing!! <3

  8. bah, is it just me or are canadian men abnormally hot?